COLBY CHOI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Biography


'Dauntless', 'Passionate', 'Energetic' and 'Resilient', these are the words that best describe the uprising photographer Colby Choi whom aggressively aimed to storm into international photography.

Being a daredevil in this industry, Colby blossomed in the toughest and harshest environment. He cherishes every challenges he gets and endure hardships in every situation for the sake of capturing fascinating shots. "No Pain, No Gain - You wouldn't know how to sail if you are always in a calm ocean" Colby quoted.

Colby's did not choose the easy path to learn. He starts off by being a photographer assistant under the mentorship of Steve Koh and Gerald Goh. Throughout the years, Colby not only acquire the technical skills from Steve and Gerald, but he too, discover his own unique way of telling stories through the pictures he had taken.

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Colby is not only a photographer, but a natural leader. The level of effort and dedication he puts in often amazes the people that follows him. People in his team are constantly motivated by his unfaltering passion and the positive energy that he emits. With the strong connection he creates between his team members, the possibility of not having terrific shots is infinitesimal.

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